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I managed BOMBA as a creative expression of my personality, never as a company




Cristina Bomba enters Via dell’Oca 39, paints the floor sky blue and opens an exhibitions of everything that she considered beautiful.

Via dell’Oca was a street of artists and writers. This was before we started talking about concept stores.


Cristina creates a line of designer knitwear with Diane De Clercq. The name “De Clercq” is added to the store sign.

This collaboration is such a success that those who witnessed it still associate their names to this day.


Cristina opens MENSA, a canteen within the store in Via dell’Oca. This is where artists, architects, writers, and musicians meet; collaborations sprout from these encounters.



BOMBA opens in Soho NY.

Like a warehouse, everything is boxed and you only see a miniature of the garments. BOMBA becomes a favourite for the likes of Claes Oldenburg, Woody Allen and Jim Dine.



Barneys N.Y. opens a BOMBA corner in their recently opened Madison Ave Store.