When you reach Via dell’Oca39, you are likely to meet Cristina Bomba’s daughter and son, Caterina Nelli and Michele Am Russo, who are currently overseeing all aspects of the company.

Caterina Nelli, a trained sculptor and painter, is the sole heir creative director of the family firm. She works in the in-house atelier with a long standing team, to offer an evolving non seasonal collection of timeless pieces; from dresses, shirts, coats and overcoats to lingerie, corsets, gala dresses and gowns.

Occasionally the atelier takes on diverse collaborations.

Michele Am Russo is a handcraft tailor. He offers a unique bespoke tailoring service for garments entirely handcrafted by him. Ever faithful to traditional handcraft tailoring techniques, he accompanies his client personally through the whole process and, absolutely rare these days, he works on the craft of each piece on his own. Given the rigor of such approach, each year he is willing to create not more than ten garments. This of course means the waiting list is a rather long one.